Project Story

The Stoy House in Haddon Township has gone through several transformations since the original building was constructed in the late 1700's, however by 2016 the home was in poor repair, having been on the market for several years.  By that point this large lakefront property was most attractive to developers for sub-division, requiring the complete demolition of the existing structure to create two-or-three typical "McMansions".  Thankfully, along came an Irish mason and his wife with a dream to raise their family on a large property and the vision to see past the warped floors and cracked plaster.  The expertise of the mason definitely came in handy on the mostly all-brick house.  In the end, the Kelly's the did a fantastic job of repairing what could be saved, replacing what couldn't, and introducing their contemporary / industrial aesthetic.

If you are interested, stories about the Stoy family and documentation of the original house is available in print and online.  We will also be submitting photos of the original home to the Haddon Township Historical Society for their records.

 For more information on the original residents of the house, refer to the resources below:

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